The Coalroom


THE ANAlog Console is NOt

The COALROOM is a hybrid digital/analog production studio, and it has some sweet gear: vintage analog outboard, a vintage analog console, plus all the newest digital plugins, Logic, and ProTools. There are vintage keys you never knew existed, and tasty guitars and amps. There's a tape machine. And yes, there's a lava lamp.

Don't come to the COALROOM for the gear. Gear is just tools, and the best tools in the world can't make art without knowledgeable hands to use them. In Zach Meyer has decades of experience producing superior recordings, in the studio and in the field, with one microphone or with a dozen of them. THE COALROOM's gear simply represents a collection of his favorite tools.

THE COALROOM believes magic happens when the right digital and analog audio technologies play together. Thus, whenever possible, projects originating at THE COALROOM are 1) devoid of loops, samples, and other sound sources that only require a few clicks of a mouse to "play," 2) full of real instruments played by actual humans, and 3) mastered through a vintage analog console and analog outboard for some sexy mojo. This ensures your audio is honest, interesting, and different. Why would you pay for anything less?

But, having said that, unique and sexy gear can be creatively inspiring, not to mention damn helpful when trying to make a good recording great. Here's some of what THE COALROOM offers:

  • Mac Pro running Logic X and ProTools 12
  • Mackie Control surfaces
  • AD/DA by Focusrite
  • Studio monitors by Event and JBL. Amplification by Crown
  • Analog tracking/mixing/summing through a restored vintage Biamp Legend console
  • Outboard preampfification by ART, PreSonus and others
  • Dynamic processing by ART, DBX, PreSonus, FMR, and others
  • Microphones by Shure, Audio Technica, Røde, AEA, and others
  • Keys include a Fender Rhodes, six different Hammond Organs, and a Nord Electro 5D
  • Acoustic guitars include a Martin OM21, and a Taylor Leo Kottke Signature Model 12-string
  • Electric guitar amps by Peavey and others
  • TEAC A3440 tape machine with dbx noise reduction
  • Five-piece Ludwig drum set with cymbals by Zildjan and Paiste

© 2017 Zach Meyer