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Creativity coaching:
Therapy for your inner artist

Artists are different.

For example, artists' brains have a more developed motor cortex. They have better fine motor skills.

Artists have different personal values, often prioritizing a need for self-expression more than non-artists.

Artists are more likely to think in image or metaphor, which is great for writing books and songs, but terrible for trying to talk about our feelings with non-artists. So, often, artists can get hung up on the very emotions that are fueling our art. We also struggle with the insecurity that comes from putting our work "out there" for others to pick apart and critique.

Producers, directors, and publishers know how to help you dig deep and find your best creative work. But they don't know how to help you unpack your emotions and process blocks to your creative flow. You need an experienced therapist for that.

Zach Meyer is both. With thousands of hours of experience as musician and as a therapist, Zach is uniquely equipped to play midwife to your artistic ideas by creating an environment that is safe for creative and emotional exploration.

Zach's Creativity Coaching service is included in any use of his audio production services. He also offers his Creativity Coaching in the context of traditional outpatient therapy, with a special focus on artists who are looking to work through doubts, dry spells, traumas, or other hinderances to their creative output.

You can reach Zach for Creativity Coaching at 414.207.6131

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