The Coalroom



In 2nd grade, Zach wrote his first song. In 5th grade, he bought a MIDI sequencer. In 7th grade, he bought a 4-track cassette recorder. In 8th grade, he started working at a local music retailer and bought some guitars, drums, microphones, keyboards, harmonicas, signal processors, etc. For the next several years, he also studied piano at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. By the end of high school, he hadn't saved a penny from his job, but he was running a recording studio out of his parents' basement and had logged hundreds of hours recording his and his friends' performances.

Zach has created original music and sound design for radio, television, and short films, done session work, and helped produce artistic recordings for non-profit groups and independent artists. If you watch TV or listen to the radio, chances are you've already heard his work.

As a member of the "bridge generation," Zach has the distinct pleasure of being one of the last humans to truly be born into an analog world. He bought his first single on vinyl. His girlfriends made him mix tapes off the radio. He cut his teeth engineering early recordings on cassettes and quarter-inch tape. It wasn't until he'd been actively writing and recording for a few years that he purchased Emagic Logic 2.0, one of the first desktop computer applications in the world that could record multitrack digital audio. And while he has continued to stay on the cutting edge of digital recording, Zach's formative engineering years were 100% analog. THE COALROOM is now a modern hybrid studio, using great digital and analog technology side-by-side.

After earning a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Zach began working as a licensed professional counselor while also continuing to make music. He thought that this would lead him down two parallel paths in which he tried to help people express themselves in different ways, but he found his best work occurring at the crossroads between these two worlds. So, after a decade of keeping them separate, Zach decided to merge his efforts into THE COALROOM, where his clinical skills help you bring your ideas to life faster and more completely.

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